Thursday, March 29, 2012

tales of the triple jogger

the triple has served us well these past weeks, taking us from playgrounds to the zoo and the grocers to the museum. here are a few pictures of what we did at the jogger's destination--because every triple stroller run needs a half-way stopping point if I'm going to make it back home :)

Cutie Face calls this the "rainbow"
it's an arch with rungs

Cutie Face struggles with self confidence a lot of times
I know she can do it
She just has to believe it, too
we read the Little Engine that Could awhile back
and i get her to chant "I think I can" when she starts to freak out

We also run through a few truths like:

i will keep her safe

1) that passage in 2 Timothy is referring to sharing the gospel
and i definitely don't want to take it out of context
2) we should have a healthy respect for dangerous things
and not do something careless or outright risky

i think that when we as Christians lack self-confidence we are being poor witnesses just by our attitude and our spirit. In contrast, if we are firmly rooted in God's love, confident of who we are in Him, we can embrace the life and all that He gives us (trials, joys) with the power and boldness our faith gives. That kind of attitude allows you to preach volumes without ever opening your mouth! So maybe it's a stretch but i still feel like 2 Timothy 1:7 is applicable in this situation :)


Cutie Face near flipped when she went up this rainbow arch the first time. And then I couldn't pry her off for the next 45-minutes. Her face lit up with the joy of accomplishment and it was so fun to watch!

Cutie Cakes, of course, had no issue scampering right after her sister, blissfully unaware that this was something she might fall off, etc. She is a usually quite a contemplative kiddo, sitting back to analyze a situation before she starts in on it.  Sometimes, though, she just starts doing something without thinking first and finds herself halfway through it and unsure of how to get it done--for example, she followed Cutie Face halfway up the rungs until she realized what she was doing and then had a little freakout moment herself. Such is life.

3/4 of my whole life right here:

meeting new buddies to make the playground apparatuses* 
a bit more fun
*the Latin person in me wants to say apparati!

the four of us girls miraculously
made it to the zoo (and back!) in the triple wasn't that bad...

the girls loved it, that's for sure!

especially because we rode on the Carousel

and the train

for the first time at the Zoo
(thanks to the New Jersey folks with the awesome accents for taking our photo)

we've also made it to the fountains--
come summer, i forsee at least weekly trips here!

sometimes i luck out and get some quality one-on-one time with one of the cuties and the single stroller. Last Saturday, it was Cutie Pie who was the happy recipient. Just looking at these pictures of her in our original jogger makes me smile and reminds me of the fun trips Cutie Face and I took when it was just the two of us--things have changed SO much yet the purple wonder (ie the single jogger) is still up for an adventure!

i'm seriously loving this sweet little girl more and more every day
4-months of age just might be my new favorite stage for babies

substantial enough to be cuddly
social enough to giggle and smile and coo

ahh, she's great! 

i almost want to go wake her up right now just to squeeze her
but i'll restrain for both of our sakes

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