Monday, April 2, 2012

the longest day

as you'll see from the pictures, it definitely was the longest least in the eyes of a non-napping 3-year old who awakes before 7 am and falls asleep after 9 pm least we squeezed in lots of fun on the last day Mr. H was in America:

started with a very fun trip to the fountians

where the kiddos crawled



and played all morning

lunch brought a bit of energy for a playground trip

where they did more crawling



and playing

two little ladies (above and below)
fell asleep on the run home
but they quickly awoke when we made it to park #3

by that time,  Cutie Face was definitely on her last leg

but she rallied after more water
(in the form of a bath)
and more food
(in the form of dinner)

where all 3 big kids 
walked up and down the sidewalk with their babies 
playing "real life house"
while waiting to head to the airport

until someone decided she wanted to switch 
modes of baby transportation

and that was the last straw they say in Hotlanta, bless her heart

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