Wednesday, April 4, 2012

picnic in the park

i've had my eye on a house
super close to the hospital where Cutie Pie was born

it's also SUPER close to this incredible park

so the girls and i decided it was a perfect place for a
Spring Break picnic!

it is part of the new Beltline & incorporates old railway trestles

its curves and green space and idyllic stream are just beautiful

the girls definitely loved it!

Cutie Face even asked to have her portrait done...
i definitely heard my mom's voice in my head

That's a fake smile! Smile naturally!!!

oh  too funny how it's all a big circle

her biggest thing right now is picking wildflowers
rest assured that she knows the difference between wild & planted

the girls had tons of fun having a picnic on the blanket
it even made eating all their veggies a blast

Cutie Cakes had a brief photoshoot, too

but she's all about being two and goofy
and rest assured about that, too--we love it!

because deep down, she's still our super sweet snuggler

the biggest hit on the playground?
old fashioned merry-go-round!
they could not get enough of it!

and in other daily news,
we're finally getting back into crafting for the season
(once Cutie Pie was born i totally slacked in that department)

today's craft?

bunny masks!

of course, they were accompanied by hops, jumps and all around chaos

Cutie Pie just pretended her baby toys were carrots...
nom nom nom

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