Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dyeing to Color

...color-dye eggs, that is!

the cousins and the cuties trekked up
to the beautiful farm country of Alpharetta
for an Easter egg dyeing session and picnic

The kids were allowed to hunt for
FIVE eggs
to turn in for two prizes

the older girls definitely got the number
done pat and had no issue finding just five

Cutie Cakes, though...
let's just say she tried to redeem herself from last Saturday

while the other girls finished hunting

Cutie Cakes stuffed her basket
we had a hard time convincing her that she needed to pare it down!
Thankfully, the eggs were empty so they weren't
that alluring

before it was time to dye the eggs,
we explored the farm and nursery

it was really fun to watch the girls discover everything.

we tried to do an older-cousin photo-op but it didn't last long:

thankfully, by then, it was time to head back down to dye the eggs

the girls all found and claimed their spaces


and could not wait to get their four eggs into the dye

the girls were SO patient as we waited to get instructions

poor B-man...not feeling well and not too keen to wait

finally the girls could dunk and drop
their eggs into the cups

they had so much fun watching the color seep in
and figuring out which color combos they wanted, etc

the twin and i were definitely impressed by the older kids
who made "sunset eggs"--red then orange then yellow stripes
and other elaborate dyeing patterns

but, truthfully, we were pleased with our girls' efforts, too!

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