Friday, April 6, 2012

truly a Good Friday

every Friday is mommy/daughter breakfast dates
that is always good in my book--i cannot wait for Fridays!

this Friday was a bit different
Today is GOOD Friday

it was even appropriately dark and chilly today around noon!

Speaking of chills, I had the privilege of reading the girls
the story of what happened leading up to Jesus' arrest
and then what happened on Good Friday

It gave me such major chills to share it that
i got goose bumps
enough for Cutie Face to notice 
and run and get me a blanket!

after describing a kid-version of the brutality of the cross 
and how much Jesus loves us all to endure it
I took a cue from this blog
and drew red dots on their hands to symbolize the nail wounds
and wrote their names across it
(names smudged out for privacy!)

He died for Cutie Face

He died for Cutie Cakes

Cutie Face knows that even if she were the only one in the world
Jesus would still die for her--that's how much He loves her
she says that if she believes that He alone can save her from her sins
She won't go to Helen 
(the opposite of Heaven apparently)

we also made Easter and Spring cookies today

the girls picked out the cookie mold for me at Target
thanks girls!

they had an absolute blast frosting and decorating

even J commented on how nice and Springy they looked!

about half the frosting and sprinkles 
were on the floor, table, or in their mouths
(as clearly indicated in their crazy antics!)

Even Cutie Pie got into the decorating spirit!

today is the first day that i've noticed her eyeing food

she's growing up so fast! eek!

ahh, this mound of purple sprinkles on one tiny cookie
cracked me up
Cutie Cakes just couldn't get enough!

both girls were allowed to pick one from the pile cookie

and eat it

they definitely didn't need any instructions on how to do that!

then, during dinner, J finished reading the Good Friday story
following that, we made a Calvary hill and cross on top of a grave

Cutie Face drew an image of Jesus
and placed it inside the tomb

i forgot that i wanted her to wrap him in burial cloths
next year...

then we stuck a huge piece of our sidewalk in front of the tomb
and Cutie Face placed her 
awesomely drawn soldier
in front of it to guard it.
complete with sword :)
there was a reflection on the image so it might not look like it 
but it's a really neat drawing that i love!

i cannot wait to see what happens when we roll away the rock 
and she sees an empty tomb on Sunday! 

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