Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg hunt practice v.2.0

our final egg hunt practice
(before the real deal at my parents' house)
was held at a beautiful church in our neighborhood

they had a 2 and under category
(Go Cutie Cakes!)

and an over 2 category
(Go Cutie Face!)

the girls had so much fun running up and down the hill
searching for eggs buried in their thick lush grass

Remarkably, Cutie Face found about 20 pieces of chocolate
& Cutie Cakes found 8 bottles of bubbles and 3 bubble gums

J and i found the free coffee and cookies
donated by San Francisco and Alon's

we also found cute junior high girls
with painted-on mustaches

who happily painted flowers on Cutie Face's hand and cheek
(she double dipped on the face painting session because 
Cutie Cakes forfeited her turn...
don't know why she was scared but Cutie Face didn't mind!)

i also found my newest fave photo...
if only Cutie Pie was wearing her matching dress
and looking at the camera...

can't have it all, i suppose :)

Cutie Face managed to fall asleep

maybe she was dreaming about the Easter bunny...

and maybe the sight of him was keeping Cutie Cakes awake...

the girls definitely have the Easter egg hunt thing
down pat
so here's to the real deal* on Easter Sunday

*clearly, hunting and gathering the most eggs is
the real deal 
but it is a fun game!

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