Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resurrection Sunday!

Last Sunday the cuties awoke to this:

Cutie Face came up with a few ideas

1) He flew away to California (?!)
2) He went up to Heaven with God (getting closer)
3) He came back to life...ding ding ding ding ding!

Then we went to early service
(we only go to two services on Easter so an early option was a treat!)

complete with baptism and beautiful hymns

we made a beeline for Mimi and Poppy's house
there was brunch to be had!

and Uncle Joel kindly shared his birthday with us
(and, of course, with Jesus' resurrection 
which allowed for all to be reborn, right?)

the cutie's favorite part of the day was about to start
egg hunting!

we had about 120 eggs for four kids
to shove into their fashion shopping bags
(disclaimer: i left our cute PBK bags at home. oops)

so here's cutie cakes looking like a 6-year old
oh my head

she still opted for eat-the-candy-as-you-go route
especially if some found itself on the ground...

Sweet Cousin M was hilarious. 
(Sorry twin, but this was such a funny picture of M I couldn't resist)

and oh so sweet Cutie Pie
with her dapper daddy

we of course had to have the obligatory cousin

photo shoot

we love our cousins
and they love each other!

and our big cuties love each other, too!

even though looks can be deceiving!

we had an Easter basket unveiling

before we headed to Aunt Meredith's house
for a delicious and joyous
Easter dinner feast

the kids table was full of
coloring, sharing

and thanks

it was a wonderful celebration of our Savior's resurrection!

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