Monday, April 9, 2012

going to the zoo zoo zoo

i thought i'd escaped the spring break crowds by avoiding Atlanta museums altogether last week. Seems like that was a popular idea--everyone showed up at the zoo on Monday thinking they'd escaped the throngs of people only to be surprised that there were full parking lots and lines to get inside.

the more the merrier right?

at least when more=a papa for us to play with!

since we go to the zoo nearly every week
i don't bust out my camera for much these days

but we finally saw the orangutans 

and they definitely warranted a picture!

be sure to click on the pictures
to see the big orangutan smiling--crazy!

speaking of smiling,
this Cutie Pie is smiling a lot more than crying
these days

just proof that she and i exist :)

and a random shot in this sequence:

Cutie Cakes came up with her own solution
of getting onto the swing
when i had my arms full with a nursing Cutie Pie
and could not help her into it.

then that cutie pie enjoyed her own swing 
when she was all done eating

(and, get this mom--she didn't spit up...
well, at least not right away :)

and speaking of eating, Papa made the grownups

what a treat!
and he gave our arms a break and held
sweet Cutie Pie

thanks, Papa!
and next time we'll do a proper portrait of you and the girls...

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