Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a field of clovers

our weekly Tuesday run to storytime

takes us near a busy road...
but we have the option of taking a wide, well designed trail
that runs parallel to the busy road
but provides ample shade and respite from the noise

i tried it out last year when pregnant with Cutie Pie
the double jogger fits! so we take it!

it lands you in this field
where clover flowers are rampant this time of year
paradise for Cutie Cakes:

she ran all over the field until 
she finally wound up
at our stroller again

and then she wanted to run some more
by pushing the running stroller

oh yeah! 
There's a real baby in that running stroller she's pushing!

you okay, Cutie Pie? You 'kay? okay!

when we reached our bookstore,
Cutie Cakes was thrilled to see that it was barefoot day

she quickly took their cue 
and went barefoot for the next hour

her reading buddies did the same

all that reading and running
wore the younger cuties out
for the run home

unfortunately, they both thought they'd napped enough
after that 45-minute napper they got in
and didn't fall back asleep until bedtime

but that was okay because then Cutie Face had playmates!

they all were about ready to crash pre-dinner
so i thought it was the perfect time 
for a sisterly photo-op

what's that, Cutie Pie?
bad timing?

okay! but i'll take what i can get
3 cuties on a couch

love. them.

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