Thursday, April 12, 2012

the outside house

Go play outside!
i can hear it
i hear my mom saying it, i hear myself saying it

it's the best place to be when you're little
for imaginations to run wild
for a free place to jump, shout, and be crazy
for a place to get messy and be messy and not worry about messy

to discover and grow
to learn about change and growth
in the world
in yourself

outside is awesome

unless you want to be inside
then it kind of stinks

thankfully, the cuties came up with a solution:
the outside house

complete with cash register, birthday cake and a balloon bouquet

a car to take you on all essential errands
and a sweet Cutie Face face peeping through the door's window

where you can still head out

and explore the great outdoors

but always be close enough to touch home
(with outside dining--deluxe!)

in case you just need to curl up and relax...

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