Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainy Day shopping

J and I only own one car. {Well, we actually own two but the second one has been in the shop for...oh...a long time now and we really don't count it as our own car since my parents bought it for me and the twin when we were in college.}


When J is working on a local ATL project, he gets the car and Cutie Face and I get the awesome jogging stroller. We really don't need two cars because we can walk everywhere--3 grocery stores, Target and other stores, too many playgrounds and parks to count, etc.

We love being able to walk our neighborhood but we definitely feel a little stifled in our bitty apartment when it rains. Like it did ALLLLL DAY on Tuesday.

But, Cutie Face and I made the best of it and we headed to CVS, a mere tenth of a mile away, door-to-door. I let her out of the stroller and she completely enjoyed walking about and down all the aisles...especially when we came to their Christmas Toy Display (seriously? Christmas toys before Halloween?!?! yes.).

Here is my cute little Tomboy:

She really got into the truck (ha! "into"! Pun intended!) and it almost came home with us:

J finally came home and rescued us from the monotony err extreme fun err rain and we escaped to Whole Foods to return our rotten pumpkin (remember the saga from Tuesday's Tutorial?). Cutie Face was very glad to go shopping for pumpkins again!

Yay for no rain in the forecast...

...until Halloween...


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